Exchange Info

Exchange Info reports on Exchange Server Organization properties. Properties included in this release are Organization, Site, and Containers. Information on total number of recipients is gathered and total support cost to be used for chargeback is calculated. The program is great for large Exchange Organizations or those with distributed administration.

  • The program uses the default Outlook profile or prompts for a profile if so configured in Outlook.
  • It begins by connecting to the Exchange Directory using Active Messaging.
  • It scans all Address List containers and calculates the number of recipient types
Distribution Lists
Custom Recipients
Other Recipients

With the cost values set for each object, the program will calculate the total charges for the Organization and/or the Sites.

Configuration File

The configuration file is used to set cost values for several objects in the Exchange Directory. It is currency independant. The program looks for the configuration file in the same directory as the application.

Below is a sample of the configuration file [ExInfo.ini]. You can download a copy of this below


Microsoft Windows NT 4.x
Microsoft Exchange Server 4.x, 5.0, and 5.5 (all service packs)
Microsoft Ourlook 8.03 and above or Exchange 5.0 client
Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Runtime Libraries


To make the download size small, the Visual Basic runtime libraries are not included. If you do not have the runtime libraries, you can get them as part of the My Schedule program available elsewhere on this site. The file is the actual program and no setup is required.

Exchange Info 1.0.11 [ExInfo.exe] 77 KBytes

Sample Configuration File [ExInfo.ini] 1 KBytes


Exchange Info is FreeWare. It is not Public Domain. As such, support will be minimal. Please feel free to contact the author at


Version Comments
1.0.11 Initial Public Release


Exchange Info is copyright Mark B. Chavez. The copyright owner makes no guarantees for the program in any way.