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Here are a few of the programs that I can make available to you as they were not written for any of my clients. They were written to meet user or administrative needs.

My ABs™  [freeware]

Replicate Address Books such as the Global Address List to your Outlook Contacts. Perfect for those with PDA type devices who want to have more detailed contact information with them at all times.

My Schedule[freeware]

More Information My Schedule™ uses the default Microsoft Outlook profile to gather Appointment information from the Calendar folder. At the reminder setting, an email is sent containing details of the appointment. The recipient can be any valid recipient, including Internet Email addresses, Pager SMTP addresses and Distribution Lists. This functionality allows you to receive the appointment reminders on your alpha-numeric pager.

Exchange Info [freeware]

More Information Exchange Info reports on Exchange Server Organization properties. Properties included in this release are Organization, Site, and Containers. Information on total number of recipients is gathered and total support cost to be used for chargeback is calculated.

My Profile [freeware]

More Information Dynamically creates Microsoft Outlook profile for an Exchange Server based mailbox. The perfect tool for Exchange Server Administrators. Privileges to open mailbox are required.